Progress is impossible without change

Team Wiva

The changes must be underlined, somehow “marked”.
For this reason, after just over a decade, we have decided to develop a new “sign“, a new logo that impersonates our “change” in all respects.

The evolution of WIVA Group takes the most decisive and important step with the advent of new proprietary technologies at the service of distinctive and unique products in the panorama of lighting sources.

This evolution has led us to make profound reflections on all areas of the company, from Made in Italy production to the R&D department, from logistics to sales, from the financial and administrative sector to marketing with which we have developed the various strategic and communication activities that they saw the development of the new WIVA logo as the leader of all this activity.

Essentiality and rigor, slender and repeated shapes as a pattern to create a rigorous and functional sequence to the awareness and “personality” of the new WIVA logo.

With this new imprint we will “mark” all our hi-tech products, while we will entrust the current logo with the task of continuing to accompany the mass-market products.