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The United Auto Workers, which represents U.S. workers, vowed to fight the cuts. “General Motors’ decision today .. will not go unchallenged by the UAW,” said Terry Dittes, the union’s vice president in charge of negotiations with GM. Some UAW workers could land jobs at other GM factories, but many will face uncertain futures unless GM reverses course. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he spoke with Barra and expressed “deep disappointment.”. In the United States, Trump’s economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, was scheduled to meet with Barra on Monday.

GM said it will take pre-tax charges of $3 billion to $3.8 billion to pay for the cutbacks, but expects the actions to improve annual free cash flow by $6 billion by the end of 2020, GM’s North American salaried workforce, including engineers and executives, tiffany & co oval cufflinks will shrink by 15 percent, or about 8,000 jobs, The company said it will cut executive ranks by 25 per cent to “streamline decision making.”, Even as GM is moving to lay off salaried staff, the company is hiring, At GM’s Detroit headquarters on Monday, there were signs directing people to a “new hire orientation” meeting..

Barra said GM can reduce annual capital spending by $1.5 billion and increase investment in electric and autonomous vehicles and connected vehicle technology because it has largely completed investing in new generations of trucks and sport utility vehicles. Some 75 percent of its global sales will come from just five vehicle architectures by the early 2020s, which means GM can reduce the people and capital required to keep its product portfolio updated. Unlike Japanese automakers Nissan Motor Co Ltd, Honda Motor Co Ltd and Toyota Motor Corp, which rely on a more flexible system where they make multiple vehicles at a single plant, GM has too many factories that make just a single model.

The collapse in sales of compact and midsize sedans has hit certain GM models harder than rival Japanese brands, Sales of the Honda Civic are down 11 percent through the first 10 months of 2018, But sales of the Chevrolet Cruze are off 22 percent, The Hamtramck and Lordstown assembly plants are currently operating on one shift, A rule of thumb for the automotive industry is that if a plant tiffany & co oval cufflinks is running below 80 percent of production capacity, it is losing money, GM has several plants running well below that, and Barra said North American operations overall were operating at 70 percent capacity, Consultancy LMC estimates that Lordstown operates at just 31 percent of production capacity in 2018..

Through the UAW, workers at Lordstown have worked to improve quality, cut the number of union locals to make it easier for GM to negotiate and agreed to the outsourcing of some jobs, in a bid to persuade the automaker to add more models to its factory line. Trump won Ohio in 2016 campaigning on bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. “So far, President Trump has been asleep at the switch and owes this community an explanation,” U.S. Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat whose district includes Lordstown, wrote on Twitter.

At the same time, many of GM’s plants producing its higher-margin trucks and SUVs are running on three shifts, with some running six and sometimes seven days a week to keep up with demand, Some displaced GM car plant workers could tiffany & co oval cufflinks find jobs at truck factories, GM officials said, Rivals Ford and Fiat Chrysler have both curtailed U.S, car production, Ford said in April it planned to stop building nearly all cars in North America, Fiat Chrysler moved even earlier to discontinue most of its sedans..

TORONTO/MONTREAL (Reuters) - Hundreds of workers walked off the job and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed “deep disappointment” after General Motors Co on Monday announced the closure of its Oshawa plant, catching governments and employees by surprise. Canadian officials, briefed on the plan on Sunday, promised to aid those affected by the December 2019 closure, part of a wider restructuring that will cut production of slow-selling models and slash GM’s North American workforce.

GM said the closure affects 2,973 assemblyline jobs in the Ontario city, out of the automaker’s Canadian workforce of 8,150, “I spoke with GM (Chief Executive) Mary Barra to express my deep disappointment in the closure,” Trudeau tweeted on Monday, “We’ll do everything we can to help the families affected by this news get back on their feet.”, The end of automotive production in Oshawa is a blow to workers in Canada’s tiffany & co oval cufflinks manufacturing heartland and comes as Trudeau’s Liberal government is trying to head off the economic impact of low oil prices in Western Canada, Trudeau is up for re-election next October..




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