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Macron aides say France’s tech sector is poised to take advantage of Britain’s planned exit from the EU to overtake its major European rival. “We think the French ecosystem will outgrow the one in England in the coming years,” is one of the messages the U.S. investors will hear, the Elysee source said. Goldman Sachs and private equity fund KKR are also among the attendees. But French companies say the most promising startups need access to bigger funding rounds if they are to stay. Investments are not large enough to create “unicorns” worth more than $1 billion. So far this year, only two French firms have closed investment rounds of more than 100 million euros.

Instead, successful French startups get snapped up by U.S, rivals, with social mapping firm Zenly’s acquisition by SnapChat last year particularly riling the French tech scene, Investors on the two-day visit will tour Station F, a startup campus funded by telecoms billionaire Xavier Niel, They will meet entrepreneurs such as David Gurle, boss of U.S, encrypted messaging service Symphony, who moved its research center to a technology park in southeastern France, Among other U.S, tech figures who have chosen to relocate to France and who will make pitches are Tony Fadell, a developer of Apple’s iPhone, and Ian Rogers, a former executive at its media player iTunes, now chief digital officer how to wear cufflinks double cuff of luxury group LVMH..

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - A South African court on Monday granted a class action certificate to victims of listeriosis, paving the way for them to claim against Tiger Brands (TBSJ.J) after the world’s largest ever outbreak claimed more than 200 lives in the country. The source of the outbreak earlier this year was traced in March to a factory owned by Tiger Brands unit Enterprise Foods, leading to the health department recalling tonnes of processed meat products known as “polony”. Tiger Brands stock has shed more than a third of its market value, some 28.4 billion rand, since it was implicated in the listeria outbreak on March 4.

(Reuters) - Following are five big themes likely to dominate thinking of investors and traders in the coming week and the Reuters stories related to them, Fed chairman Jerome Powell sent the stock how to wear cufflinks double cuff market soaring when he appeared to signal that a three-year long rate-hike cycle may be nearing a peak, It could be that Powell’s comments were misread by jittery markets; if so they have another chance on hear him on Dec, 5 when he testifies to the congressional Joint Economic Committee, Powell will speak two days before November employment data emerges, His most recent speech made little specific reference to this, So the report will be key, given unemployment is at a 49-year low and employers are boosting pay..

Markets will be particularly attuned to wages, which logged their largest annual gain in 9-1/2 years in October. If that 3.1 percent gain inaverage hourly earnings is repeated, it will look like enough of an inflation whiff for the Fed to keep the rake hike path intact at its Dec. 18-19 meeting. With Chinese factory activity now at the slowest in more than two years, U.S. President Donald Trump’s agreement to hold off with further tariff increases on Chinese imports is good news for Beijing. Given Trump’s hardnosed trade stance and the long odds of President Xi Jinping caving in to American demands on opening up China’s economy, it is unclear if the ceasefire will morph into a peace deal. But it is nevertheless welcome.

Since the trade war began in March, Chinese stocks and the economy have felt the pain, But the G20 deal has pushed yuan to the highest since February 2016 and stocks are 2.5 percent higher, That may allow Beijing to delay wheeling out more stimulus - many had expected that after loosening bank reserve ratios, authorities could resort to an interest rate cut how to wear cufflinks double cuff for the first time in three years, Now the G20 tango in Argentina is over, Germany auto firms are waiting their turn to waltz in Washington — top executives from Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler will be in the White House this week with hopes they can head off additional tariffs on their cars..

Their trip follows threats from Trump to slap more tax on vehicles assembled in the EU. Combined with the effect of China’s economic slowdown, this will spell bad news for Europe’s carmakers, whose earnings have already been hit by tighter regulations. What’s more a 25-percent auto tariff could also reduce 2019 economic growth in the euro zone by 40 basis points to 1.2-1.3 percent, Barclays calculates. Shares in Europe’s auto sector have bounced after the weekend trade ceasefire between Trump and Xi but they are still down more than 20 percent this year. A negative outcome in Washington will dash hopes that the rebound can last.

It started with a vote, Now, there is a chance that another vote could stop Brexit in its tracks, The odds look stacked against British Prime Minister Theresa May getting parliament’s nod on Dec, 11 for her draft Brexit agreement; members of her own Conservative Party, the opposition and the Northern Irish party which props up May’s minority government all oppose it, Some Britons hope a how to wear cufflinks double cuff rejection by parliament will open the door to another Brexit referendum in order to head off the risk of crashing out without a deal, Signs are public support has risen to reverse the June 2016 Brexit vote, and the opposition Labour Party’s finance spokesman has backed a second referendum..




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