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Japan bond yields fall deeper into negative as domestic, foreign money rushes in –. Japan’s Cabinet approves record $900 bln budget, aims to soften sales tax blow –. tmsnrt.rs/2S8LwOk. Investors are back in love with Italy, where a budget deal with the EU has allowed 10-year bond yields to fall more than 40 bps this month - the biggest monthly move down since July 2015. Their love will be put to the test next month though, when Italy will call on fund managers to buy its new bonds - 27 billion euros’ worth.

January will be Italy’s heaviest month for bond sales in 2019, Sure, sales are typically heavy at the start of a year, but the difference this time is that the ECB will not be buying, It will reinvest the proceeds of maturing debt but has allocated a smaller share of the pie to Rome next year, In total next year, Italy hopes to sell bonds worth 250-260 billion euros, So will private creditors step into the breach? There are some doubts; after all, local mom-and-pop investors gave the cold shoulder to a specially targeted retail bond last month, With the ECB backstop fading, a weak economy and still-high political risk, Italy may find it still needs to woo its investors if it is to ferragamo cufflinks stay afloat next year..

-Italy needs to woo private bond buyers as ECB bows out. -Italy’s bond market cheers budget deal with EU. -Moderates emerge from populist shadows to shape Italian budget deal. tmsnrt.rs/2R5PrxY. As bears maul equity markets, where does one hide? The answer seemingly is: the dollar. Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s monthly investor survey shows the greenback regaining the “most crowded trade” crown, snatching it back from the FAANG/BAT tech stocks group. The dash for the dollar is unsurprising - it’s liquid, U.S. yields are high and the U.S. economy is growing faster than other developed countries.

A word of caution though, Investors following the “most crowded trade” bandwagon have fallen flat on their faces in recent years, They went ferragamo cufflinks into 2017 loaded up with dollars but the greenback fell relentlessly after that, ending the year with a near-10 percent loss, In December 2017, the most crowded trade, according to the BAML survey, was Bitcoin - and a 70 percent rout ensued in 2018, Anything like that can be ruled out for the dollar, But it does face headwinds, not least a possible economic slowdown if not recession, the U.S, yield curve suggests, An investor exodus from U.S, stocks and bonds would not be good news..

WINNIPEG, Manitoba/VANCOUVER (Reuters) - A decade ago, Canada’s oil sector was growing so fast it was predicted to become a global energy superpower, but a series of political missteps and formidable environmental activism has created a dysfunctional system requiring OPEC-style government intervention to move its oil to market. Canada produces 4.9 million barrels per day (bpd), more than any country other than the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia, but the world’s fourth largest producer has had to nationalize a pipeline and the province of Alberta is exploring buying trains to handle a glut of oil sitting in storage.

Canada’s crisis coincides with big producers taking market share away from OPEC members, mostly clustered in the Middle East, Global oil ferragamo cufflinks demand is expected to surpass 100 million bpd in 2019, The United States has driven exports to record highs on growing demand from China, India and other developing countries, But Ottawa has failed under two governments to effectively counter the strategy of environmental activists to attack the oil sector’s heart by choking its arteries - pipelines, Roughly 35 million barrels, twice the normal amount, of Western Canadian crude used to produce diesel, gasoline and jet fuel is stuck in storage..

The energy sector accounts for nearly 11 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product. However, Canadian oil trades at a fraction of global prices, costing the economy C$80 million per day, the Alberta provincial government said. Alberta took the unusual step this month of temporarily curtailing 325,000 bpd starting in January - in the aftermath of a retreat from the oil sands by global companies including ConocoPhillips (COP.N) and Statoil ASA STL.OL. “It’s become dire now because the writing is clearly on the wall. The issue is market access,” said Jihad Traya, manager of energy advisory service HSB Solomon.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, facing an election next year, offered the oilpatch this week C$1.6 billion in aid, In May, ferragamo cufflinks Ottawa agreed to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline in hopes of pushing through an expansion to nearly triple capacity as other proposed lines languished, In 2006, then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper boasted Canada would soon become an “energy superpower.” Canada was producing 2.6 million bpd, which moved smoothly to U.S, refineries through pipelines, Since then, production has nearly doubled, but pipeline growth has stalled..




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