Wiva Group's wide and diversified range of products is made up of numerous categories of products that are applied in many different contexts in the field of lighting.
Traditional and state-of-the-art LED light sources, lighting fixtures for architectural and industrial applications, electronic drivers and controls, electrical equipment for use in businesses and homes.
All Wiva Group products come in a broad range and a wide variety, are characterized by reliability and versatility, efficiency combined with high performance, and an excellent quality/price ratio, thus offering the ideal soultion for every lighting requirement.
WIVA's commercial offering will be enriched with important new products during 2016: particularly innovative products, conceived and designed thanks to the competencies of the Research & Development Department and to cooperation with nationally recognized research organizations. Organic chemistry, nanotechnology, materials research, botany are some of the fields in which the company orientation toward an alternative and creative use of light will be expressed.